Golden Glass Media

I’m a full-service editorial agency providing developmental and technical support to writers and businesses. I have partnered with independently and traditionally published authors to elevate their manuscript through detailed proofreading and narrative feedback.
I’m here to help you tell your story.

Challice Parker, Founder & Editor


Here at Golden Glass Media, you will have a fresh pair of eyes to help you perfect your project. I will attentively read your manuscript while looking for errors, plot holes and anything that might stump your reader. With the ability to focus on the more granular aspects of manuscripts—in addition to developmental and big picture ideas—I provide meaningful and helpful critiques with organized presentation.My preferred genres: Young Adult Fiction/Dystopian, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Humor, Self Improvement and Children's literature.See example of my note taking, below!


Spotted grammar and spelling errors
Continuity of perspective
Character, plot or story inconsistencies
Character description and believability
Story flow and ease of forming imagery
Strength and fit of tone
Presence of detail, setting and context
Vetting of dialogue authenticity and character consistency
Identifying readability and pacing issues
Final assessment of materials


Creative Involvement
Concise and Clear Writing
Syntax and Word Choice
Accuracy and Fact Checking
Improved Language
Increased Impact
Copy Editing Only $0.021/word
Copy Editing + Proofreading $0.024/word


Thank you for trusting Golden Glass Media to help tell your story.